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Restaurants in Lima & Cusco Peru Worth a Try

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Restaurants in Lima & Cusco Peru Worth a Try

Restaurants in Lima & Cusco Peru Worth a Try

Restaurant Rafael – Miraflores
Travelers visiting a foreign country are sometime reluctant to search out restaurants outside the hotel especially in a large city like Lima or Cusco Peru.  One restaurant located in the suburbs  of Lima in Miraflores is  “Rafael” is a French-Peruvian restaurant that attracts visitors from all over the world.  Chef Rafael Osterling, the restaurant’s namesake, serves up a fusion of delicious dishes. The restaurant is best Known for their apple martini.  The restaurant is located in a 1920’s style republican mansion in the older part of Miraflores, which is easy access from many of the hotels in Miraflores by cab.  Visitors are welcomes to try its decadent cuisine and elegance. Physically, Rafael’s restaurant’s art deco and minimalist details mirror his casual personal touch. The menu is full of creativity that is sure to inspire visitors.

Restaurant Panchita – Legendary Peruivan Dishes in Miraflores
Located in Miraflores Chef Gaston Acurio’s has been creating new versions of legendary dishes since opening in 2009.  The cuisine is said to be resonant of traditional crillo food which many native Peruvians eat in their homes. It is known to many as Peruvian “comfort food.” At Panchita the signature dish is the anticuchos, which are skewers of barbecued meat with boiled potatoes and corn.

Restaurant Fiesta in Miraflores
Not far from Rafael and Panchita in Miraflores, is restaurant Fiesta.  With a number of other restaurants located all over Peru, Chef Hector Solis opened Fiesta’s doors in 1996. The restaurant is committed to tradition and a connection with Peru, serving traditional regional cuisine and number of carefully selected national dishes.

Restaurant Chicha – Cusco Peru

Restaurant Chicha acclaimed Chef Gastón Acurio is known for his fantastic culinary work at Chicha, a restaurant located in Cusco, Peru. Chicha is not only the name of the restaurant, but is also a traditional Peruvian beverage. The restaurant is known for its attentiveness to regional cuisine and ingredients, celebrating Peru’s diverse culinary attributes.

Restaurant Limo – Cusco Peru
Restaurant Limo is not only the name of Chef Coque Ossio’s restaurant, but the ingredient that serves as the center of its dishes. At Limo, the Chef prepares red, green, yellow, orange and violet aji limo that show the chef’s commitment to traditional Peruvian cusine. Limo is located on the second floor of the older Casa del Inquisidor with tables set on a balcony overlooking the Plaza de Armas.

Restaurant Incanto – Cusco
Another restaurant that Chef Ossio operates is Incanto, located in an old Inca palace in downtown Cusco.  With a glass-enclosed kitchen featuring over 80 dishes of Italian-Peruvian fusion. The restaurant opened in June 2006 and even features a dish of Alpaca loin for 30 soles.

Restaurant Hotel Sol y Luna – Wayra
Restaurant Hotel Sol y Luna is an authentic Peruvian cuisine.  Located in Sacred Valley’s unique climate, the restaurants prepares Peruivan cuisine that is easily-digestible food. At Hotel Sol y Luna, visitors have the ability to share a one on one culinary experience or cooking workshop with their chef where he explains the choices made in their dishes. The kitchen also combines Sacred Valley’s traditions and contemporary vibrancy in their food. The menu is based on local produce where the kitchen assumes a social and environmental responsibility to the Valley and desire to increase local delights in the region.

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